Choral Music

We Make Music

We Make Music was commissioned by the Marin School of the Arts under the direction of Stevie Greenwell for their award-winning treble choir. The piece features aleatoric sections that reflect the “scattered shards of shattered stars” of Drew Dellinger’s poem.


Choreographed by Sophia Stoller in collaboration with Cody Brunelle-Potter, Joan H. Padeo, and Jamal Wade
Original Score by Drew Corey
Performed by the Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles (Evan Roberts, cond. and Drew Corey, soloist)
Dancers: Joan H. Padeo and Jamal Wade
Dramaturg: Cody Brunelle-Potter
Costume Design: Yonit Olshan and Cody Brunelle-Potter
Lighting Design: R. S. Buck

The myth of Narcissus and Echo, twisted into a story of self-reflection and empowerment of the female voice, challenging and questioning the narcissistic tendencies reinforced by today’s society.

Of All of Them: the first, the last

“This piece can be best described as “warm minimalism”: lush, expressive textures luxuriate from repeated, short, melodic phrases, sounding not unlike a choir put through a delay pedal. These textures support two soloists who sing of the ecstasy and melancholy of first love. This piece can serve as an introduction to aleatoric notation and more experimental vocal practices, and is accessible to choirs from the high school level onwards.”
– See-a-Dot Music Publishing Inc.

The score for this piece can be purchased at

We Begin Again

We Begin Again features Drew’s signature blend of choir and extended piano technique. Premiered by the CalArts Contemporary Vocal Ensemble and featuring Drew on piano.

Esse Domi

Esse Domi was commissioned by the Marin School of the Arts for their 10 year anniversary. Performed at the Marin School of the Arts Showcase by their Concert Choir, directed by Stevie Greenwell.

Media Vita in Morte Sumus

Media Vita in Morte Sumus is an award-wining piece for SSA choir featuring a lilting, dark, almost ominous tone. The title translates to “In the midst of life, we are in death.” Media Vita in Morte Sumus received a special award in the 2018 International composer’s competition Opus Ignotum.


Choral Repertoire


Echo (2019) – 13:15 (SSATB with Alto Solo) LISTEN
Fall of the House of Usher: Scene 2 (2018)
a. Roderick and Madeline – 2:00 (SAT with Tenor Solo)
b. Entering the House – 2:37 (SATB with Alto Solo)
Of All of Them: the first, the last (2016) – 9:00 (with alto, baritone and cello solo) LISTEN
Spot in the Shade (2014) – a round for any voices
We Begin Again (2014) – 5:29 (with extended technique piano)
Esse Domi (2013) – 3:56 LISTEN
Sunsets and Pinwheels (2011) – 2:42 LISTEN
Ambrosia (2010) – 2:10 LISTEN
Reverie in the Clouds (2010) – 3:27 (with piano accompaniment) LISTEN


Still I Remain (2019) – 2:30 (with piano accompaniment)
We Make Music 
(2018) – 3:15 LISTEN
Media Vita in Morte Sumus (2016) – 2:25 LISTEN
Of All of Them: the first, the last (2014) – 7:32 (for women’s quartet, alto and tenor soloists, cello, and electronics) LISTEN
A Girl and A Boy (2011) – 3:34