Choreographed by Sophia Stoller in collaboration with Cody Brunelle-Potter, Joan H. Padeo, and Jamal Wade
Original Score by Drew Corey
Performed by the Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles (Evan Roberts, cond. and Drew Corey, soloist)
Dancers: Joan H. Padeo and Jamal Wade
Dramaturg: Cody Brunelle-Potter
Costume Design: Yonit Olshan and Cody Brunelle-Potter
Lighting Design: R. S. Buck

The myth of Narcissus and Echo, twisted into a story of self-reflection and empowerment of the female voice, challenging and questioning the narcissistic tendencies reinforced by today’s society.  


Choreographed by Cody Brunelle-Potter
Dancers: Cody Brunelle-Potter and Shane Raiford (Iris Company)
Original Score written and performed by Drew Corey

one shift three

Choreographed by Mackenzie Miller (for her Graduation Dance Thesis at University of Washington)
Dancers: Lilli Clausen, Megan Ess, Rummi Ganguly, Jessica Huang, Angel Langley, Charlotte Lee, Venise Lee, Melissa Sugita
Original Score Eight written and performed by Drew Corey

Dance Repertoire

Echo (2019) – choreography by Sophia Stoller and Cody Brunelle-Potter (Los Angeles, CA) LISTEN
(2017) – choreography by Cody Brunelle-Potter (Los Angeles, CA) LISTEN
one shift three
(2015) – choreography by Mackenzie Miller (Seattle, WA) LISTEN
Choreographers & Composers / Ashlee (2015) –  choreography by Ashlee Williams
Choreographers & Composers / Angelica (2015) – for dance, wine glasses and voice, choreography by Angelica Mondol Viana
Choreographers & Composers / Jodi (2015) – choreography by Jodi Porter
Choreographers & Composers / Kearian (2015) – for dance and Javanese gamelan, choreography by Kearian Giertz
Dance Drama: Perseus and Medusa (2015) – for dance and Javanese gamelan, choreography by Lexy Shimko (Valencia, CA)
Mad World arr. Drew Corey (2013) – choreography by Mackenzie Miller and Vanessa Gross (Novato, CA) LISTEN