Large Ensemble


Nebulous is a five movement piece for piano, SATB choir, string quartet, and violin solo created in collaboration with visual artist Sabrina Kalleen. Through the five movements, the piece documents the progression of creative frustration that occurs while creating a piece of art. Through many conversations and cups of tea, Sabrina and I developed this concept and she created five pieces of art using graphite, one to accompany each movement.

To watch movements 2-5, click here!


Plague is a new, interdisciplinary work that combines music, theater, and devised movement. Aesthetically drawing from the Black Plague of Medieval Europe, Plague is an abstract exploration of death and its effect on those around it. Each of the scenes embodies a different aspect of how people deal with death: fragility, grief, inevitability, fear, and futility.

This workshopped iteration of the project was the culmination of Drew’s third year in residence at CalArts. The piece utilizes her signature extended piano technique and textural writing as well as featuring her love of floating melodies and large harmonic textures.


I. Opening (0:04)
II. “Monologue” (4:17)
III. Futility (8:58)
IV. Fragility (12:40)
V. [Tell me…] (19:17)
VI. Danse Macabre (28:03)
VII. Finality (34:18)

Large Ensemble Repertoire

Nebulous (2016) – for piano, SATB choir, string quartet and violin solo (12:00) LISTEN
(2015) – for chamber orchestra, soprano soloist and actors (35:00) LISTEN
Babushka by Markschieder Kunst arr. Drew Corey (2015) – for salsa band (3:46)
Perhaps: for a moment I thought I knew what I was doing (2014) – for string orchestra (3:00)