New collaboration with pianist and composer, Sid Samberg!

I am so excited to share my new project – a modular graphic score written for Sid Samberg (pianist/interpreter)!

The work is designed to be highly variable, using a system of cards, each of which contain imagery and symbols that are re-imagined into music spontaneously by the performer. The creation of the piece was a symbiotic process between composer and performer, as the score and notation system was designed specifically with Sid’s own compositional language in mind. The piece balances a sense of consistency and structure with a space for play and exploration. Because of this, even though the cards provide a meticulously designed foundation, they allow for significant freedom in the interpretation of the work’s possible pathways.

Throughout July and the beginning of August, we’ll be presenting the work in three YouTube Live shows (with a post-show chat!), culminating in an EP release on June 12th. We’d love to have you there to enjoy the piece, discuss it with us, and explore its possibilities.

First Live Show:
Sat, May 8th at 10am