LUDO is a modular graphic score by Drew Corey (composer/designer) written for Sid Samberg (pianist/interpreter). 

The work is designed to be highly variable, using a system of cards, each of which contain imagery and symbols that dictate aspects of the performance. The cards are meant to be played in any order or combination, and can even be turned upside down. The creation of the piece was a symbiotic process between composer and performer, as the score and notation system was designed specifically with Sid’s own compositional language in mind. The title, LUDO, is a latin word meaning “play”, or “game”, a reference to the balance between a sense of structure and a space for playful exploration within the work. Because of this balance, even though the cards provide a meticulously designed foundation, they allow for significant freedom in the interpretation of the work’s possible pathways. 

Although the piece was originally conceptualized for solo piano, it can be interpreted by any instrument and could even be adapted for ensemble playing if desired.


PRICE : $12 (plus shipping)
(for a physical set of LUDO score cards)

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