Current Projects

C3LA: The Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles

C3LA is a unique ensemble dedicated to performing outstanding new choral music; providing a venue for multi-talented singer-composers and singer-conductors to collaborate; and challenging the traditional hierarchical model of our choruses and orchestras.

C3LA has no artistic or executive director—rather, it is collectively run by its members. The ensemble exclusively performs works composed in the last 25 years and 40-50% of each program is written in-house.

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One Minute Collabs

Drew is creating a series of one minute collaborations with artists. The project allows for full freedom with the single restraint that the “product” of the collaboration is 1 minute long.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact Drew at or on instagram @roo_corey!


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 Performance Art Series : Funerals

Funerals is a series of performance pieces Drew began in 2016. The funerals are performative rituals of burying trauma, relationships or anything that needs to be let go of. Funerals can also be used for positive experiences that are coming to an end. All of the funerals involve some element of music; mostly voices, wine glasses, and winds, but can be voiced for any instrumental combination. In the funerals, the performer buries what they need to bury, and the audience is invited to place their intention on the performative ritual that will be buried along with the performer’s. The aim is to create a cathartic experience for both performer and audience. 

Previous funerals have included: 

  • The Glass Funeral – using wine glass meditation and placing glass shards on significant points of a representative body
  • The Funeral of the Absurd – a funeral for an absurd object as a surrogate, using absurdity to distance the performer from the actual event or trauma 
  • The Naked Funeral – involves the process of unclothing a body to nudity, then wrapping it slowly in an extremely long piece of cloth
  • The Cardinal Funeral – separates the performance space into the cardinal directions, each assigned an emotional state (fear, anger, sadness, joy), which the performer moves through as they perform a piece of aleatoric music