Current Projects

C3LA: The Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles

C3LA is a unique ensemble dedicated to performing outstanding new choral music and challenging the traditional hierarchical model of our choruses and orchestras. C3LA has no artistic or executive director—rather, it is collectively run by its members. The ensemble exclusively performs works composed in the last 25 years and 40-50% of each program is written in-house. Drew co-founded this ensemble with a number of talented singer-conductor-composers in Los Angeles and continues to sing, conduct and write for the group.

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The San Gabriel Valley Choral Company

Drew was appointed the Artistic Director of the San Gabriel Valley Choral Company (SGVCC) in Spring of 2022. Since she’s taken over the role, she’s continued to expand the ensemble’s mission of connecting singers and audiences through diverse programming, quality performances, and community service.

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Other People

Formed between long time collaborators and friends, Drew Corey and Justin Scheid, Other People is an ambient duo marrying processed vocal layers and live synth manipulation. Their debut EP Near Friends releases on June 7th, 2024.