Touch to Begin

Touch to Begin is a touch-based human sound installation created in collaboration between artist, Erin Desmond, and composer, Drew Corey. An audience is invited to touch the exposed body parts of performers lying on tables covered in cloth. Upon contact, each performer lets out unique vocal sounds, ranging from opera, to spoken words, to gasping. The sounds change with pressure and movement and as soon as the viewer breaks contact, the sound stops. The result can range from an intimate experience of quiet sounds to a full vocal ensemble activated by a crowd.

The piece was recorded and documented in June 2015 for the December 2015 publication of “Classical Music for Artists” by Insert Blanc Press. Touch to Begin was also featured in a live setting at UC Riverside’s (dis)junctions Conference in November 2015.

Glass at PICNIC 51

Glass was premiered at PICNIC 51 at CalArts. The piece was part of a series of three minutes pieces featured at PICNIC 51. Glass plays with the delicate sounds and delicate nature of wine glasses as well as the fragility and discomfort that people feel when glass is broken.

The Persistence of Memory

The Persistence of Memory is one in a series of visual scores based on paintings that Drew has written. This specific piece takes Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory and breaks it up into events and soundscapes (as shown in the score).



Avant Garde/Experimental Repertoire

The Naked Funeral (2019) – for wine glasses, soprano and alto voice (indeterminate)
The Cardinal Funeral
(2019) – for bassoon and baritone voice (indeterminate)
The Glass Funeral
(2016) – for wine glasses and 2 performers (3:00)
The Funeral of the Absurd 
(2016) – for people and toast (indeterminate)
Glass (2015) – for wine glasses (3:00)
Touch to Begin
(2015) – for performance artists and voice, written in collaboration with Erin Desmond
CONTACT (2014) – participatory performance art installation
The Expedition (2014) – for orchestra and actors, written in collaboration with Julian Karahalios and Martha Dimitratou (40:00)
The Starry Night (2014) – glowing score for solo bassoon (4:13)
Graph-let (2013) – omni directional score for piano
Graph a la Grits (2013) – omni directional score for piano
Just Footsteps (2013) – for footsteps (4:03)
(2013) – electroacoustic meditation (3:43)
The Persistence of Memory 
(2013) – electroacoustic composition for clocks (2:19)
You Can’t Have Math at an Art School (2013) – participatory performance art piece
IN C-LAP (2012) – participatory performance art piece
Chess Process
(2010) – process piece derived from chess games (1:29)
(2010) – electroacoustic composition for footsteps, speaking and heartbeat (1:40)