Chamber Music

Lamentum Pro Tenebris for solo cello, performed by Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick.


Meditation for Melodica for 11 melodicas was premiered at Melodica Fest 2017 and features soloist Justin Scheid.

Untitled Piano II was created as part of a composer-choreographer workshop at CalArts.

Perhaps: for a moment I thought I knew what I was doing for string orchestra, read by CalArts musicians.

[…Fragility] for woodwind ensemble and extended piano technique, featuring clarinet soloist Ryan Espinosa.

Chamber Music Repertoire

Seventeen Years Ago (2018) – for Soprano and piano accompaniment (4:00) LISTEN
Meditation for Melodica (2017) – for many melodicas (7:40) LISTEN
[Fragility…] (2015) – for solo clarinet in Bb, piano and wind quartet (4:53) LISTEN
Untitled Piano II (2015) – for multiple pianos (1:19) LISTEN
For a moment I thought I knew what I was doing (2014) – for string quartet (1:32)
Gatekeeper (2014) – for cello and upright bass (3:34)
Lamentum Pro Tenebris (2014) – for solo cello (scordatura) (4:03) LISTEN
(The Swift Completion) of Their Appointed Round (2014) – for string trio (3:22)
Ignotus Gaudium et Lux (2012) – for alto flute, english horn, bass clarinet and bassoon (2:54)
The Music Box (2012) – for solo piano (3:19) LISTEN