The CalArts Contemporary Vocal Ensemble


Repertoire the Contemporary Vocal Ensemble has performed

Spring 2015
Clocktower for SATB choir and piano – Jesse VanDenKooy (5:48)
Daedelus for mixed quartet – Michael Guccione (1:51)
Gathering for women’s choir and string trio – Yvette Holzwarth (4:23)
SEDIMENT 2 for any choir – Danny Clarke (5:27)
someday I’ll go, covered in something, and everything too for mixed choir – Luke Martin (12:08)
[Tell me…] for any choir, small chamber ensemble and piano – Drew Corey (9:11)

Fall 2014
Flicker for SATB choir – Lucas Morin (4:03)
I don’t want to know what the time is – What breakfast? – Genesis 43:34 for SATB Choir – Benjamin Hubbard (2:36)
Limping on Mirrors for SATB choir – Luke Martin (6:51)
One Sin for SATB choir – Jesse VanDenKooy (4:18)
Semper Idem (Always the Same) for SATB choir – Julian Karahalios (4:35)
Sleeping Sound in the Temple of the God of Peace for SATB choir – Michael Guccione (2:32)
We Begin Again for SATB choir and extended technique piano – Drew Corey (5:29)
10/26/13 – 12:10 AM for any choir – rüt (8:31)

Spring 2014
reflections for women’s quartet and electronics – David Aguila (8:27)
Melting Away for SATB choir – Lucas Morin (4:13)
Hidden, Displayed for SATB choir – Edward Park (8:36)
Creation for SATB choir – Linda Rife (8:44)
Of All of Them: the first, the last for women’s quartet, alto and tenor soloists, cello and electronics – Drew Corey (7:32)
Spiro for breathing choir – Jesse VanDenKooy (13:10)
Drinking on Planes for mixed quartet – Jonathan Feilich (2:23)
Even Still  for SATB choir and piano – J.C. Scheid (6:17)

Fall 2013
Ambrosia for SATB choir – Drew Corey (2:11)
Cradled in Sleep for SATB choir – Jesse VanDenKooy (3:12)
A Girl and A Boy for women’s choir – Drew Corey (3:34)
Maybe Tomorrow for men’s choir – Lucas Morin (3:15)
Silver Seeds for mixed quintet – Ulrich Krieger (6:32)
Sunsets and Pinwheels for SATB choir – Drew Corey (2:42)
Twisted Yarn for any choir – Drew Corey and Jesse VanDenKooy (6:14)